A lesson for BN’s

10 03 2008

12th Malaysia General Election started with a big “boo” to the BN when they start losing the important states. BN have been winning all this years with almost 2/3 of the majority but this year seems unpleasant for them, many said it was issues which arise before the election and simply BN not doing any good for the country. Meanwhile the opossition party DAP, PAS & PKR have manage to win over some parlimantery and state seats, this have create an unbalanced situation for the BN in the parlimen. The question is that will opposition party do good for the country or will they just merely act the same as the BN “More Empty Words.” Remember as well the election is over so we just have to see what will happen. If opposition could take this change to rebuild theirs image, I believe for the next general election the opposition party will be able to form a governement and this will repack BN as opposition.

 This election have put a BIG NOTICE to the BN’s

1 Not to under estimate the ability of the RAKYAT

2 Do not think we have no EYE’s to see

3 Please don’t split the country in the terms of difference races. We go together as one.

4. Don’t do things according to what you think is correct (example sending 2 men up to the moon for a vacation)

5. Take off minister who don’t do theirs jobs well.

Why people are voting for the opposition is because they have left with no choice to but to react to what the BN’s have done to them. And this one I dedicate it to the opposition if, you still want to maintain this you must even work more harder why? so in the next general election you will not be call the opposition but the government. Likewise to DAP campaign tagline, time to change.