A little it may be…

16 07 2007

Been trap between two most famous Creative Director Thriasak & Hwang, is like having a rock above your head is simply hard to imagine what is install in theirs brain. For a few moment ago, I feel like an idiot sitting on a chair with nothing to bother about but something actually hit my mind by asking a question even I can’t able to understand. A little it may be in the question for what is advertising, non actually get to answer the important of this particular question that constantly been asked by alots of student & professional. Once, Thirasak did mention of it indirectly, that advertising is something that shocked you with a sudden frost, cause ‘YOU NEVER KNOW’. People like Hwang, Thirasak, Alvin or Ham are professional personality that have done more than any of young creatives that seem to be talking about advertising, no doubt now days young creatives have been pour all around by colleges or university which claims that they are the best design school and theirs graduates are among the best of the best, but what does this mean, does it mean that Hwang, Thirasak are rubbish or what? Hwang work hardly in his early days with a production house but does this means he have  been a graduate from a unfamous college?

 Living as a designer, what are we looking for? Money or Passion? Does the Advertising Industry give us the passion or the money that we wanted? Can this be true when people said that Asia advertising are as bad as their are? Can creative passion be stick together with a career path? Are designer just mainly a job or a career?


chicken juice helps

29 04 2007

I never believe in chicken essences, whenever I have it, it makes me even sleepy. But this time I have no choice, as the matter I am too excited about her reply but seriously I have no idea why should I even concern about her reply….!! My friends told me I fall again in a pile of pink mud, and here the story goes dida dida di…….Now chicken juice or (was commented to take it off)(sorry if i offended your name….happy)?? ask me and I can answer while ….

chicken juice

A brand new Creatives Maneuver

25 04 2007

Maneuvers Animations

It have been a wonderful months ahead for me, as I decided to change the whole layout of this web into a more diversify method on the whole web, so I DELETED ALL THOSE PREVIOUS POSTS. Happy Now!!!