When potential growth no longer been seen…..

11 03 2009

I was about to tender my resgination letter just when economic crisis were here. I was thinking what should I do than? So I came out with a proper plan and think of ways to control my emotions and plan. My reasons of quiting this publication company is because as follow:
a) There weren’t potential growth in the sense (where can I go senior designer ? or what?)
b) Double standard job position(writer is always given prioroty)
c) An art director that doesn’t make her own decision…..

So this were the 3 reasons why I am so desperate to leave, above all this money is always a concern here in Malaysia, to be frank the paid here is good but I was thinking even that as a young man am I going to work as a designer for 10 years than 20 years to be a senior designer that equal to a designer? I really hope my next post were to confirm on my resignation as soon as possible…as I am crossing my finger…