Bio for Rinpoche

27 09 2008

On thursday, I met up with Paul for lunch to update on matters about KD. It been sometimes where we ain’t getting anywhere with the articles for the website and yet another big project for KD is coming where we intent to publish a biography book about rinpoche. Although I have lots ideas in mind, but I can’t actually juice it out . Sometimes I rather feel I am not doing any good for KH or KD. I did try to contribute time and effort to KH and KD seriously not because of any return. Last month I recieve some dharmma gift from rinpoche, for helping KD, and I am happy not because I have gift, but rejoice that Rinpoche is happy. I did not keep all the gift rinpoche gave to me, I gave a small gold lama tsongkhapa statue which rinpoche gave it to me to my father for his new car, although I really do like to keep it in my own new car, see I am practicing  giving but yet I feel rather useless at time, I really want to make it for lamrim classes but I have to work on friday.




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