1 02 2008

Recently the Asian hot topic was all about celebrity sex even some political icon were involve. Alots of pre opinion individuals have posted on blog mostly criticising the celebrity. Clips, photos and evidence indicating the shameful act of this high profile celebrity were also reveal. Just in a sudden the whole asian is on SEX CRAZ. In the office some even keep talking about how shamefull this people are, some laugh at them as doggie, some feel  like killing them, some even feel excited about it and figuring how to download it. This have been started off with Ex-Malaysian Health Ministry which was caught on screen with an unknow women, than it came celebrity Gillian Chung, than Cecelia Chung with Eddison Chan.

 Not in my suprise magazine which carry this news is making a hell of money through this types of Sex Craz story. Some of my friends even feel exicted to check out to find about the photos and video clips. And now when this bad things happen to the celebrity that all this while you like, have been somehow betray you by fliming their own sex video clip?

My question to those, who said this people are morron, idiots, bitch, may be,, is

a) Who are you to said that?

b) Everyone who is born here, have sex desire, even me, neither you, don’t said you don’t have, if you don’t have you won’t be sitting here dude!!?

c) Put yourself on the celebrity, what will you feel, you will definetly said you won’t do this kind stuff.. How sure are you?

d) Even if they are the one who expose it, you need to make such commend, let them face the truth when the time is near for them.

e) We always said, we should give chance to those who have went the wrong way, but seriously when we are talking about a celebrity that we only see he or she from far not close to him or her neither, we will continue talk all the bad things and keep talking and seeing.

f) Seriously you cannot see yourself, bcos you are full of arrogant in your mind, but try think about it put yourself in it. Just imagine you were having sex with your bf or gf, someone actually put a vid cam and record your sex movement or your bf record your experience of sex with him what will you feel.

You guys always said when demand stop the killing stop, it same goes here when demand stop the publication stop, as simple as that. Even is nothing big deal about it, but remember we must learn how pray for them instead not keep saying them and creating all those bad things to them. 

Please Think….




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