BIG WORDS Editors, Production Editors, WRITERS

29 01 2008

Every wonder why Editors, Production Editors, WRITERS are so popular? Is it because the way they write something that so intrest your eyes or your mind. This peoples which claim they have the whole world esp those writing for business weekly papers, always think on the way they want and when the outcome is good they fly likes birds in the sky,  but when the outcome is worst they are like crocs finding for victims, and we designer are the victims obv…

 They don’t even know about layout, they only think that readers will understand what the said, how many business people actually have the time to read all those nonsen that you guys write, probally they just see the pictures and the head line and the whole design, not your ugly wording that you wrote. In a media publications company writers are like birds flying above us designer like a cow waiting to get poke by them, Is really getting in my nerve, those Editors, Production Editors, WRITERS which claims story is more important than design… and they are always people who went back early…Shame on you!!!!!

But I would said certain Editors, Production Editors, WRITERS they knew what designer are…….not all but at least they is something, I salute to those…..

I might not be a good designer but I can write… you Editors, Production Editors, WRITERS are nothing…

Those who don’t even care of what a designer feel about layout…………..FLY A KITE!!!!


Master of Tailor

29 01 2008


Big borcaded silk laying around the ground was a situation that was once seen in Kechara Sarawati, Raj the tailor which were invite to here to educate the subject of tailoring nice cloth and thangkas brocaded silk. To be honest, I didn’t attent any of the class, but this was not the point. The point is this man with a shy and sweet smiling faces man is really great. I met him through Paul intro to me, indeed when I was at the exhibition at Sunway, he can still regconised me, that was great, at that time I did chated with him for a moment and I feel he was not just good at his stuff but was very kind the way he talks and the manner he have was asylum…

 I was sad, but yet happy for him that he can go back now since he left his home for 3 weeks, but sad because he is going back but rejoice he will be back. Although I were not there when he boarded the plane, I wish him all the best…

 And may we meet again!!

Raj you are indeed a Master of Tailoring

Rolled up

22 01 2008

It was today, I woke up at 8.00am and was tired b’cos of heavy load work on friday. But what kept me awake was The Thangka Exhibition which I have volunteer myself.  Indeed from friday I was all rounded excited, doing some research about Thangka and the about stautes and wrathful Dharmma Protector so if people ask me some question I could at least answer  it. For me is the biggest experience I ever participate in. I reach pyramid at 945am and I went directly to Susan which is so kind by giving me a chance to participate in such auspicious event. Setting up for the day have began to take place when I arrived. I was also introduced to Albert who been an intresting guy to chat with – funny, sense of humour is that what I can said about him. I also meet up Anna Tan, she is a sweet girl, with a gental smile as she greeted me, she give me an impression of very shy and quiet girl but later I notice she also talks alot..hahaha….But definetly she is nice to talk to. Later in the day Chia also came and he was also helping me in people which speaks chinese, I feel myself very low, as Chia spend some time explaining to me some others information of Thangkas which I cannot retrieve on the net. At first when I look at the Thanka, those which is been brocaded with silk usually will have a big look a like ribbon above of it and two straps by it side, I taught this was merely an decoration, but it was indeed a decoration but there is meaning behind it – Chia told me because people in tibet always move around with theirs belongings, tent and yaks – due to the land have no longer grass for the yaks to eat they have to shift in order for them to feed theirs yaks with grass and form a field for food and theirs shelter. Intresting enough the ribbon above the thangka is use to protect the painting and the two straps is use to tie behind the thangka to secure the painting. Is been almost 3 hours I been standing, my legs are getting the signal of pain, but I still want to cry on to make contact with those who came in, so I don’t waste this opportunity given. Just when I were about to get some drink, a Mr. Singh came in looking at the Thangkas, I started the conversations by informing him about the origin of the thanfgka, than he start telling me about his religion, at first it was intresting, later he get deeper into sikhism which freaks me out as he told me he will share with me a secret teaching, I was like HUH!!!. He even insist me to get a pen and a paper to write down what he going to tell me about, at the end I didn’t get a pen but just listen to what he got to said. The whole secret teaching which he mention was actually what I have heard before the physcological effect of keep repeating the positive words such as “I am Brave” so even if you are a coward you will be brave by repeating this words everyday. But with a open heart I just listen take as is a extra knowledge of others method. For me I only believe in the three jewels and the dhamma that will be the method.  But he still talk non stop and than “MIGHTY JOEY” came to rescue me, Joey suddenly make me feel secure just like an angel send from above is there for me..hahaha.. Thanks Joey.. In this whole event my contribution is just 0.0000000000000000000000% which is just equal to nothing but yet the things that I have learned in the event is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 more of what I can learn in 3 years in my college life. What made me sad, due to I have a function on sunday, and I was not able to make it to assist, is totally a selfishness and my ego and also my negative karma that I won’t able to assist for the closing on Sunday in such a auspicious day. Before I left I walked through the whole thangka exhibition  and just in sudden inner tears arose reflecting of what am I if I didn’t know about the teaching of the buddha, I didn’t meet Rinpoche, although Rinpoche might not know me, but that does not matter, what matter is that Rinpoche teaching have inspire me to a better person I owe alot to Tsem Tulku Rinpoche & all kechara members, friends & committee for making termendours effort to spread the dharmma without them I won’t even recieve online teaching from Rinpoche, this valueable teaching is more than just a basic teaching but is like a precious doctrine that leads us to enlightement.

The ground in highland flourish with fresh air,
The lotus bloom with beautiful petals,
May all dhamma works be flourish with suceess,

The living bees fly around the fresh flower,
Beautiful flower display around the field of merits,
May Tsem Tulku Rinponche live long life,

Star came upon when nights fall
Shining above all,
May blessing shower upon all
Kechara Members, Friends, Committee & all sentient beings

Disovering the ultimate truth

15 01 2008

Just when is the last time you went for a trip that cost you thousand or million just to enjoy the pleasure for a few days. Have you ever consider a retreat for your own spiritual growth? Are you looking for a real relaxation or just mainly trying to get yourself out of the busy and unhappy place that you are staying? Is there a place where we can revive our own senses, a place to collect lots of positive energy that enable us to deal with our unhappiness, busy and hetic life?Kechara Disocvery have an answer for you. You ultimate journey are about to begin………

No Bonus, No Money, No Cofirmation letter OFF I go…..

15 01 2008

I was abit frus recently from my MAC got ill, to struggling to get a laptop and now with no bonus for chinese new year and after 6months of hardcore of works no confirmation letter. Sometimes I feel working here is The Edge is a struggle rather than a enjoyment, not because of money definetly, is here things go so slow, esp went writers get to take theirs own sweet time dreaming of the words to make a story we have to wait like idiots… Even holidays we have to come back to work just because of “THEM”. Sometimes I have a feeling there is a double standard position over here where Designer is like a slave and writers are the above slave, just like Olden Chinese & Korean Dynasty where even slave have a few level.

 Seriously I think in Malaysia, designer can’t really surivive and that why lots of designer would work part time, because for those bosses who are so CEO= Critical Emotion Officer, they think designer much be creative and can change a pic from A to Z like magic, If we designer is so great we will be above you screwing you day and night. I feel so insulted when I worked here for 6months and although my art director have told me indirectly I have been confirmed but “WHERE IS MY LETTER” is this a joke or what….  How I wish one day where designer start gone from this world and that where those CEO will know how important is us, with my little evil wish, I really hope those CEO will be abit kind to us or else,

Fly a Kite!!!