Black Tea Offering

17 12 2007

I was supose to meet paul today at 5.30pm at Kechara Discovery to dicuss on the logo for Kechara Discovery and the website as well. After that I plan to go Kechara House 2 for Mitsegma chant. Later in the evening will I was shopping with my parents for some interior for my home at Summit paul called me and told me that he have a meeting at KH at 4.30pm so in this case I will just go to KH2 direct..=)

 When I reach KH2, I saw alot people busy around making sure everthing is well prepare for the xmas party. Me and paul went on to dicuss about the KD stuff until 8.10pm. I was worry because people in KH 2 suddenly dissappear. I was thinking probally the prayer is cancel due to tommorow xmas party. So I was thinking what should I do instead? Than Wan join us in the dicussion on the logo and she gave some intresting and useful comment on the logo.

 Will waiting for others to come paul been very kind help me over to aunty Han Nee so she could take care of me. Aunty Han Nee was very kind she explain to  me what prayer will they be doing. At my suprise we will also do the Lord Setrap Puja and Black Tea Offering as well, I was like OooooOO….. Really I always said I was not prepare for Lord Setrap practice because I fear, fear of what I am not sure probally this due to my negative karma which unable me to do it. ?

I was sacred that I don’t the chant and how to do it, so aunty Han Nee actually taught me how to do it while waiting for others to come. It was already 8.45pm only me, aunty han nee and two others members where there, so aunty han nee decided that we should start. We start off with taking refuge than Guru Yoga Lama Tsongkhapa and 1 mala of Mitsegma. 

 They most exciting part come where we went to the kitchen to prepare tea for the Black Tea Offering to Lord Setrap. I told aunty han nee that I am not sure to do the offering, but due to we need 4 set black tea offering, I was to participate. Without fearing I go on with the offering. As this was my first time, I wasn’t very sure on the pronounciation of the tibetan word so I just watch on the words and slowy I flow it. After 2 rounds of black tea offering we call it the day. We did some dedication and the prayer end.

 My whole body & soul just feel light and happy.

 It was very fabulous, after the prayer. While waiting for my parent to come I had a chance to talk to Pauline admin at KH2 where she share with me alot about KH. Which make me feel so happy and happy. While riding back home my parent decided to pack some food for my dinner although I reject their kind offer, they still think I should eat something. As usually my mom went down to pack and I follow along. After packing a “Hokkien Mee” at Jalan 222, we headed back home using the federal highway. Along the way, i feel something is wrong, my handphone …where is my handphone I was asking quietly in my mind. feeling real fear if I ask my dad to turn back to find my handphone he will shout definetly. Although I was trying to convience myself that probally my handphone lost because of my negative karma which I done in my previous action.

 My state of mind was terrible, but one thing that I notice is to be clam, and I chanted very strongly Mitsegma and visualise Lama Tsongkhapa beside that I ask help to Lord Setrap. At that time I was really fear of what will they do to my handphone, my contact all lost, but yet I tell myself that if this happen it show a sign of purification. I keep thinking that if i loose the Dhamma & my guru it will be more hurt than loosing the handphone.

 Just as I reach home, and about to get down from the car, I don’t why my hand slip onto the base of the car and I can feel my handphone, I was so delighted and happy. When I get it I immediate thanks Lord Setrap and Lama Tsongkhapa for their blessing. Probally it something funny but I notice as well the jeans that I wore have a hole in one of the pocket and usually I will hold my handphone on my hand when I am in a car than when I was getting down to somewhere I will chuck my handphone inside the pocket with hole.(left) {because when I went down to pack the food, I notice I put something in my pocket, but if it wasn’t the blessing from Lama Tsongkhapa & Lord Setrap it might probally slip onto the ground instead the base of the car.

 Beside that if is not the kindness of my Lama, I would probally got worsen in my life. May my lama have long life and may whatever his wish will be fullfill.