My IMAC G5 going for an operation

29 10 2007

For over 2 years my IMAC G5 have been working good just middle this year it became sick with a technical problem on its LCD Display Panel, I have sended to the service center at Mid Valley, but it was too costly, so I took it back….now I don’t want let it suffer no more but admit it direct although I knew is costly but for me is just like a life. So now I am still waiting for call for the technician to verify to me the sickness of my poor IMAC G5. I really hope this people/technician could make it better again. Please Setrap help me …….I need it to complete the packaging.


Car Again

23 10 2007

The same problem arise in me again CAR. I been very frus about Car, because I just don’t have one. meanwhile my brother and my sister got. I don’t even have a chance to drive my father car. He always said he wil give me the car and let me drive, but seriously he didn’t even ask about it. I didn’t ask him further because I do not want to create anger in myself as well as I want to protect my family people mind. My family always think that I just cannot drive, who in the hell know how to drive without practicing? sometimes I get very very frus, and why Malaysia Public Transport is so bad. And what get in my nerve is that my father is helping or should I said contributing RM500 every month for my uncle car?? “HELLOO” how about me? I just feel so sad about it. But what can I do than just typing all those sadness here in my blog? No one actually understand how I feel now. because everytime when I am sad I always keep to myself, probally there is only Buddha and my Guru Deity know how I feel now. Because of no Car is hard for me to go for Kechara event as well, and sometimes I feel I am just useless. Can anyone tell me what I should do? I don’t have the ability to get a car. WHY?