A little it may be…

16 07 2007

Been trap between two most famous Creative Director Thriasak & Hwang, is like having a rock above your head is simply hard to imagine what is install in theirs brain. For a few moment ago, I feel like an idiot sitting on a chair with nothing to bother about but something actually hit my mind by asking a question even I can’t able to understand. A little it may be in the question for what is advertising, non actually get to answer the important of this particular question that constantly been asked by alots of student & professional. Once, Thirasak did mention of it indirectly, that advertising is something that shocked you with a sudden frost, cause ‘YOU NEVER KNOW’. People like Hwang, Thirasak, Alvin or Ham are professional personality that have done more than any of young creatives that seem to be talking about advertising, no doubt now days young creatives have been pour all around by colleges or university which claims that they are the best design school and theirs graduates are among the best of the best, but what does this mean, does it mean that Hwang, Thirasak are rubbish or what? Hwang work hardly in his early days with a production house but does this means he have  been a graduate from a unfamous college?

 Living as a designer, what are we looking for? Money or Passion? Does the Advertising Industry give us the passion or the money that we wanted? Can this be true when people said that Asia advertising are as bad as their are? Can creative passion be stick together with a career path? Are designer just mainly a job or a career?


Thirasak Tanapatakul

9 07 2007


Thirasak, a well verse english thai man, which comes in the advertising world as part of the joke of the year. Recently he came down to Malaysia for a wonderful art direction workshop by the request of HAM. Thirasak Tanapatanakul has been awarded for the local and international shows. The awards consist of 8 consecutive years Cannes Awards including 3 Gold Lions, 4 Gold Clios, Silver D&AD, 2 Silver The One Show, Andy Award of Excellence and 2 Grand Prixs in Asia Pacific Ad Fest 2001-2005. After having joined with Creative Juice\G1 (TBWA) in 2004, Thirasak has created high reputation for the agency in a short period of time. This resulted the agency ranking risen up to No.7 of the world’s most awarded agency, ranked by SHOTS GRAND PRIX 2005. The examples of his outstanding works include ‘BANGKOK INSURANCE’ TVC campaign 2006, which won Gold Lions, 2 Gold Clios, Silver The One Show, and Many Gold in Asia Pacific.’TAMIYA’ Model Kits campaign 2005, which was voted to be ‘THE WORLD’S MOST AWARDED PRINT CAMPAIGN OF 2005’ by the GUNN REPORT and SHOTS GRAND PRIX 2005. FedEx ‘Box’ Ad was nominated to be ‘The world’s second-most awarded print ad of 2002 by the GUNN REPORT. And Bridgestone ‘Dog’ was selected to be the world’s Top three most favorite TVC of 2003 by the Ad Forum.

Thirasak was awarded ‘ASIA PACIFIC CREATIVE OF THE YEAR 2005’ by Media’s Asia Pacific Agency of the Year Award and also Creative Juice\G1(TBWA), Bangkok was named ‘ASIA PACIFIC OFFICE OF THE YEAR 2005’.

He has representing Thailand as a jury member in numerous international award shows, including Cannes Film 2006.

Art Directors don’t talk much. Especially if they are Thai; they have a failing with the English language. So when Thai creative icon Thirasak Tanapatanakul landed in KL to conduct a 2-day Strategic Art Direction Workshop for ADOI, I was all ears. And for an art-based creative director, he didn’t disappoint. Guy Thirasak of Creative Juice/G1 is probably the most awarded Asian Creative Director on the global scene today. His Tamiya model kits campaign was voted ‘World’s Most Awarded Print Campaign of 2005’ by The Gunn Report. FedEx ‘Box’ Ad was nominated ‘The world’s second-most awarded print ad of 2002” by The Gunn Report. And Bridgestone ‘Dog’ the world’s Top Three most favourite TVCs of 2003 by Ad Forum.

When asked by a participant, “How do you manage to sell these great ideas to your clients?”, he replied “I only take one idea with me when I go to my presentations. There are no alternatives to choose from!”