Camomile as my medication

30 04 2007

I was looking for a display stand in this book store at Summit, as today is MONDAY not really many people were there instead, as I was walking into the bookshop which also consist a Music segment, a smoothing music start to be heard down to my ears that just in a suddenly strike into my heart as my current situation on my previous blog need some of this type of song. This album have certainly punch into my heart , so I decided to purchase it with an amount of RM42, Suddenly, I recall back when she told me something about some artist is sing out of tune and etc, I was wondering the album I purchase is not by an popular artist yet the artist are singing back the same old classic song, but who cares, cause till end of the day I bought the album because, it have got my attention as I really need this type of song that suit my current emotion. No one, I mean no one can said who is good or bad, so beat it…… I am fully recover with the present of this album….and now is time for me to continue my journey to find Lama Tsongkhapa



chicken juice helps

29 04 2007

I never believe in chicken essences, whenever I have it, it makes me even sleepy. But this time I have no choice, as the matter I am too excited about her reply but seriously I have no idea why should I even concern about her reply….!! My friends told me I fall again in a pile of pink mud, and here the story goes dida dida di…….Now chicken juice or (was commented to take it off)(sorry if i offended your name….happy)?? ask me and I can answer while ….

chicken juice

A brand new Creatives Maneuver

25 04 2007

Maneuvers Animations

It have been a wonderful months ahead for me, as I decided to change the whole layout of this web into a more diversify method on the whole web, so I DELETED ALL THOSE PREVIOUS POSTS. Happy Now!!!