Bringing back the soul

23 04 2009

I was sitting at a corner looking at the taoist master setting the altar for some ritual to be done and somehow it was intresting as I have plenty to talk about. Although my brain wasn’t really functioning very well but I am still thinking and asking question why this and why that. Let me start with start with inviting the soul, a chair was raise above the table and the deceased person dress was hang-on to the chair to symbolize his apperance when the ritual start. Incense, fruit & candle was offer while many paper indicating by written unknow chinese writing was put along side with it. The ritual start by shouting of verses indicating the soul to come back, along with gong, drum and etc to welcome the soul back, although many chinese do believe that these soul actually flow back but there isn’t much evidence on that. I can’t feel any of po po present even after the ritual but somehow ritual like this will cause my mom to downpour as it’s not she trying to tell people how sad she was but when we recall the kindness of our mother, father or anyone who brought us up and knowing that she no longer will be seen physically by us, we will definetly feel that how good if they were still with us. But when they have sickness that causes them to suffer in this world, we hope that she will go peacefully and have a good rebirth, but do you think it will happen according to your hope? So often chinese custom taoist master were invited to perform ritual to help these people to overcome their suffering in hell and gain better rebirth. My mom was someone who always taught us to be true to our parents and she did it, although when po po was sick, and she wasn’t able to take care of her, she was trully depress for her weakness and not able to take care of her own mother. When she called me and told me about the dismissed of po po, I knew my mom will definetly go through a dilema of life where your closes person have left you, someone who sacrifice her life to bring you to this world while torturing herself for 9 months + +, someone who educate you even when she pennyless. I try to be with my mom in this few days because I can feel how it was although she still around now, but because when you put yourself into someone shoes you will know the pain. Even you could do 10, 20 ritual to help her overcome whatever suffering she will encounter but this does not help her because it all up to herself. The soul in us is so fragile but if we could train our mind, than our soul will be as strong as steel.

Taoist believe that when we die, our soul is departed from our body, and through some ritual we can find our loves ones soul backTaoist believe that when we die, our soul is departed from our body, and through some ritual we can find our loves ones soul back


When potential growth no longer been seen…..

11 03 2009

I was about to tender my resgination letter just when economic crisis were here. I was thinking what should I do than? So I came out with a proper plan and think of ways to control my emotions and plan. My reasons of quiting this publication company is because as follow:
a) There weren’t potential growth in the sense (where can I go senior designer ? or what?)
b) Double standard job position(writer is always given prioroty)
c) An art director that doesn’t make her own decision…..

So this were the 3 reasons why I am so desperate to leave, above all this money is always a concern here in Malaysia, to be frank the paid here is good but I was thinking even that as a young man am I going to work as a designer for 10 years than 20 years to be a senior designer that equal to a designer? I really hope my next post were to confirm on my resignation as soon as possible…as I am crossing my finger…

Ah Lan Story

29 09 2008

Yesterday 29 Sept,
It’s 25 years living in this world and definetly I have lots to said. Today was indeed a busy day I started with having a  short sharing with Lin Dee a writer for The Star Publication someone that daughter wedding where I seen back many old buddies and person I hate. Although today is been a tiring day but when I think back on Ah Lan who once always worry complaining about her daughter future life after marriage have now come to an end. In many said Ah Lan is the main attraction as you never see her put on lipstick, eye liner and make ups, contact lens and beautiful chinese dress and lastly beautiful rod steward hair. Well I guess sometimes certain things will changes us in a way that we ourself don’t notice that we look nice in this way. And looking at ah lan her daugther voon chi eyes, I guess I could tell that ah lan have learn to let go.

Bio for Rinpoche

27 09 2008

On thursday, I met up with Paul for lunch to update on matters about KD. It been sometimes where we ain’t getting anywhere with the articles for the website and yet another big project for KD is coming where we intent to publish a biography book about rinpoche. Although I have lots ideas in mind, but I can’t actually juice it out . Sometimes I rather feel I am not doing any good for KH or KD. I did try to contribute time and effort to KH and KD seriously not because of any return. Last month I recieve some dharmma gift from rinpoche, for helping KD, and I am happy not because I have gift, but rejoice that Rinpoche is happy. I did not keep all the gift rinpoche gave to me, I gave a small gold lama tsongkhapa statue which rinpoche gave it to me to my father for his new car, although I really do like to keep it in my own new car, see I am practicing  giving but yet I feel rather useless at time, I really want to make it for lamrim classes but I have to work on friday.

Every single day…

12 09 2008

It been 5 years since emelda left us silently, It’s been 5 years her voice have gone absent, It’s been 5 years my shoulder have not been wet by her tears, It’s been 5 years I walk the by the sea alone, It’s been 5 years I missed emelda every single day… Although this 5 years she not around, but I just feel when I am  sad it seems she appears to me to lend me her shoulder as I did when she still around. I wonder what will us be if emelda is still here. Every single day I try to dream of her so deeply but it just doesn’t come through.

After some times

11 09 2008

Once I did think of not blogging and close this down, but today I was happy I did not close this down. In fact I didn’t blog, so people will read all craps I am typing but I blog so I could voice out my unsatisfaction about life through words to myself and those who are lucky to view it. Months after month I was struggling up and down from emotion, to trying to convience my parent to let me drive the new car I got. Now I am driving so what more can I said. Well, I am glad I made through this time of my life. So till than..

A lesson for BN’s

10 03 2008

12th Malaysia General Election started with a big “boo” to the BN when they start losing the important states. BN have been winning all this years with almost 2/3 of the majority but this year seems unpleasant for them, many said it was issues which arise before the election and simply BN not doing any good for the country. Meanwhile the opossition party DAP, PAS & PKR have manage to win over some parlimantery and state seats, this have create an unbalanced situation for the BN in the parlimen. The question is that will opposition party do good for the country or will they just merely act the same as the BN “More Empty Words.” Remember as well the election is over so we just have to see what will happen. If opposition could take this change to rebuild theirs image, I believe for the next general election the opposition party will be able to form a governement and this will repack BN as opposition.

 This election have put a BIG NOTICE to the BN’s

1 Not to under estimate the ability of the RAKYAT

2 Do not think we have no EYE’s to see

3 Please don’t split the country in the terms of difference races. We go together as one.

4. Don’t do things according to what you think is correct (example sending 2 men up to the moon for a vacation)

5. Take off minister who don’t do theirs jobs well.

Why people are voting for the opposition is because they have left with no choice to but to react to what the BN’s have done to them. And this one I dedicate it to the opposition if, you still want to maintain this you must even work more harder why? so in the next general election you will not be call the opposition but the government. Likewise to DAP campaign tagline, time to change.